How to Submit a Support Ticket

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The procedure described in this Help Desk document explains how a customer of Wisentic can create a support ticket.

Submit your Support Ticket 

  1. Open your browser window and go to the URL: 
  2. Click Submit a ticket in the top right corner.
  3. Start filling out the fields.
  • Your e-mail. Enter your work email address.
  • Name. Enter your Name in the next dynamic field.
  • Subject. Enter a very brief description of your support question into the Subject field.
  • Product. Select the product your ticket is concerning in the drop-down field, if applicable.
  • Description. Enter a detailed description of your concern into the Description field.
  • Category. For some product tickets, we would like you to categorize more specifically what it concerns.
  • Note: The red asterisks indicate required field information.
  • reCaptcha. Check box – for us to avoid spam tickets.
  • Attach file. If you have a screen capture of an error message or application screen that is relevant to your question, click the Attachments link and browse to select your image file.

This is what the form looks like. 

Click Submit, all done!

Our support team will handle your ticket and respond to your submitted e-mail address, according to your SLA.

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